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You may not realize, but Diamond Case is in its 20th year. We have seen the birth of Home Theater and Flat Panel TVs.
Take a minute to read where we have been and what we are up to now…
By, Dave Hartfelder of Diamond Case Designs, Inc

The Long & Winding Road...To Home Theater Happiness.

Diamond Case Appeared In the First Issue Of Home Theater Magazine in 1993
Diamond Case appeared in the first issue of Home Theater Magazine in 1993

Many of you may not know, but Diamond Case has been producing Home Theater Furniture before the term “Home Theater” was popularized. When we started in 1991, surround sound was in its infancy and only included four speakers,…two in the front and two in the back. We were there for the introduction of the world’s largest tube TV, a 40” 266 pound behemoth (and we had the first armoire that could accommodate it). Most of the popular enthusiast magazines that we read today did not exist. In fact, we placed an ad in the very first issue of Home Theater Magazine in October of 1993.

Even though a typical 35” TV cost $3,000 and a VCR cost $500, we knew the quest to recreate a cinema experience in the home would grow. And as it did, we knew people would need an attractive way to put these electronics in their home.

The Cambria Armoire Was One Of Our First Entertainment Centers
The Cambria home theater armoire was one of our original furniture introductions

Our quest to create the finest home theater furniture started with six models capable of housing CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs up to 40”. Back then there were few furniture manufacturers making entertainment centers. Either the market wasn’t large enough for them or they were not confident they could produce a cabinet sturdy enough to support a 250 pound TV.

We knew, however, that producing a cabinet that was large and strong enough to hold the equipment would not be enough. There had to be a level of utility built in that would allow interaction and access to the equipment. In other words, it had to do more than just sit there and look pretty.

1996 Design and Engineering Innovations Award For Theater-Tech
Theater-Tech(TM) earned industry praise and recognition from the Consumer Electronics Show for superior design and engineering.

In 1995 we introduced what was considered the most advanced line of furniture in the market to date, Theater-Tech™. By incorporating features such as casters, screwed on removable backs, and built in air chimneys, Theater-Tech™ was awarded the Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Show. This was quite an unusual acknowledgement for a furniture company to be recognized by the electronics industry.

While it has seemed like the blink of an eye, over the last 20 years we have seen the electronics industry change dramatically. Twelve-inch laser discs delivered the first Dolby Digital signals (remember AC3?). Rear projection TVs were re-designed to fit on tabletops, and Video Cassettes slowly faded as DVDs debuted in 1997. We added center channel speakers into the home theater mix, mini-discs came and went, and DIVX pay per play discs went to battle with DVDs in one of the shortest format wars ever (bet you don’t remember that one). ReplayTV and Tivo introduced DVRs in 1998 and forever changed the way we watch TV.

HDTV finally came in 1998 causing TV technologies to evolve dramatically. Analog tube TVs gave way to LCOS, Plasma, DLP, and LCD. After blu-ray defeated HD DVD in the more recent and highly publicized format war, we can now enjoy seven discrete channels of uncompressed audio via Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio.

Today we can stream entertainment from the Internet and are in the middle of the introduction of 3DTV. New technologies such as OLED TV loom on the horizon and TVs less than a half of an inch thick will be available this fall.

Diamond Case Designs Furniture Designs Have Adapted To Modern Flat Panel TV Technologies
We are the recognized industry leader in offering the latest cutting-edge furniture designs to take advantage of the constantly evolving television and electronics market.

Through all of these changes in the home theater industry, Diamond Case has changed as well. We continue to innovate unique designs that are current to today’s technologies. Credenzas now meet many of the needs that audio cabinets used to. Instead of hiding TVs in an armoire, they are now concealed in automated lift cabinets. Wall units with integrated back walls allow flat panel TVs to be “wall mounted” without ever having to touch your drywall. In addition, we have added new features such as forced air ventilation systems, LED equipment and TV lighting, and built-in surge suppression.

Example Of A Computerized Drawing For Custom Furniture

We have also perfected our ability to custom design individual projects. Whether it’s a small dimensional change to one of our standard models or a completely new unit from scratch, we can design your unique cabinet on our computer to show you exactly what you will get. And, if you have an older system that needs updating, we can remove your old tube or rear projection TV and retrofit your furniture to accommodate a sleek new flat panel TV. Because we are experts in the latest electronics, we can update your equipment as well. In fact, we have had the pleasure of helping many of you with two or even three systems over the years. Please feel free to stop by our showroom for a demonstration of some of our favorite products / technologies.

Diamond Case Designs Magazine Covers and Awards
Over the years Diamond Case Designs, Inc. has been recognized for its industry leadership by the finest electronics and woodworking publications. Click for larger view.

While today’s designs are a far cry from our original products, the common theme of producing top-notch quality with superior features remains the same. Our commitment to our craft has garnered some more recent acknowledgements as well. In May of 2009 one of our systems was featured on the cover of Custom Woodworking Business. And despite this tough economy, Diamond Case was recognized as one of the “Wood 100”, Wood Products Magazine’s feature on the top 100 growth companies in the US. Several weeks ago in the May issue of CE (Consumer Electronics) Pro we were recognized as one of the countries top 100 highest revenue electronics integrators. These accolades highlight our unique ability to combine innovative furniture and high tech electronics under one roof.

So, whether you need an HDMI cable, an AV credenza, or a complete built-in system, Diamond Case is here to meet your needs now and in the future. If it relates to your TV, we have probably done it once or twice before. Furthermore, many of you may not know our woodworking abilities do not end with home theater furniture. We also produce home office furniture, bookcases, coffee/end tables, and fireplace mantles. Some more unique projects have included aquarium stands, a sewing table, pyramid shapped speaker stands, and even a credenza designed to look like a Mayan temple. Last but not least, we recently brought on board an excellent line of affordable bedroom furniture and dining room sets, so keep us in mind for all your home furnishing needs.

Diamond Case Designs Showroom Location in Anaheim California
Diamond Case Designs, Inc. has a beautiful showroom located in Anaheim, California. We are open six days a week. Click for larger view.
All Furniture and Electronics Can Be Shipped Nationwide
All products are available for fully-insured nationwide shipping.

You can stop by our showroom Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm. You can reach us by phone at 714-630-8100 or 800-616-5354. Please feel free to ask for me (Dave Hartfelder), by brother Steve, or my father Fred. Any of us would be happy to provide personal assistance and recommendations. All products are available for local delivery and installation or nationwide shipment.



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