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Media Storage - The best way to organize your DVD, Blu-Ray, CD, and Video Game Collections.
By, Steve Hartfelder Diamond Case Designs, Inc.

Has your collection of CDs, DVDs, video games, or Blu-Ray discs outgrown your ability to properly organize them? If you are like most enthusiasts, it probably has. It is common to have hundreds of media titles stored in disjointed areas such as cabinets, cubbies, and drawers. Finding the right movie, song, or video game can be an effort in futility.

The solution is to centralize your media collection in a flexible and efficient media storage cabinet. The best media storage cabinets will feature full-extension drawers as well as infinitely adjustable dividers (to accommodate different sizes of media). At Diamond Case Designs, Inc., we offer the finest selection of media storage cabinets in both standard and custom configurations.

This article is going to focus on the custom solutions. However, it should be noted that many of our standard designs can be configured entirely with drawers to provide high-capacity storage. A couple of our most popular are the Palatino M-210 and Theater-Tech TT-200 audio cabinets. Either cabinet can be configured with a total of six storage drawers for flexible and efficient storage.

Custom Media Storage Cabinets - The Perfect Solution

A custom media storage cabinet is the perfect solution to efficiently tame your collection and enhance the beauty of your home. Let me show you an example of one such cabinet I recently built.

Media Storage Cabinet - Open ViewThis media storage cabinet was designed with a total of ten full-extension drawers. Eight of the drawers were outfitted with adjustable row dividers for the purposes of organizing the media. The top two drawers were half-height drawers intended for organizing manuals, remote controls, game controllers, spare cables, etc.

CD Cabinet - Closed ViewThe overall dimensions of this particular example were approximately 45" Wide x 36" High x 20" Deep. However, keep in mind these are custom made so they can be made smaller or larger to fit your particular needs.

Given the dimensions of this example the approximate media capacity of each drawer is: 54 DVDs, 66 Blu-Ray movies, or 130 CDs. Multiply those amounts by eight drawers and the total approximate capacity could be up to 432 DVDs, 528 Blu-Rays, or 1040 CDs.

Each drawer uses a system of adjustable row dividers that allow you to partition it for any size of media. In fact, you can even organize multiple sizes of media within the same drawer. Furthermore, each drawer is mounted on specialized full-extension drawer slides that allow access to the entire depth of the drawer. This is a really neat feature and ensures you can get to the desired movie even if it is at the very back of the drawer! If you have a drawer that is not completely full, back stop clips are included to ensure the media stays upright, organized, and easy to read.

Special Features

Full Extension Drawer - Half Height for remote controls
Full extension slides provide access to the entire depth of the drawer. Adjustable partitions can organize multiple types of media within the same drawer. Here you can see DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Rays all in one drawer.   The half-height drawers at the top of the furniture are the perfect spot to organize smaller items such as remote controls, manuals, cables, and game controllers.

Close Up Of Adjustable Row Divider
Close-up of Backstop Clip
Each media drawer has wooden partitions to separate the different rows of media. These dividers are infinitely adjustable meaning they can be slid to accommodate any size of media.   In some cases you may not have enough media to go all the way from the front of the drawer to the back of the drawer. In these cases special back stop clips are included to keep these incomplete rows of media standing upright.

Additional Examples

This is an example of an eight drawer media storage cabinet.
Click on the photograph for larger view.
This five drawer cabinet was designed to perfectly fit into an alcove next to a fireplace. Click on the photograph for a larger view. This four drawer cabinet also tucks perfectly into a cubby next to the fireplace.
Click on the photograph for a larger view.

How To Design and Price Your Own Custom Media Cabinet

To price the perfect media cabinet for your needs please provide:

  • Wall space restrictions - how much space do you have available?
  • Desired capacity - how many CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, or video games would you like to organize?
  • Additional storage - Would you like to organize anything else in the furniture such as remotes, controllers, electronics, etc.?

The easiest way to organize this information is to fill out our custom cabinet worksheet. Once completed this worksheet can be e-mailed directly to me ( or faxed to 714-630-8105. Please be sure to put your contact information on the worksheet.

If you have any questions please feel free to call myself, Steve, or my business partner and brother, Dave, toll-free at 800-616-5354.

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. - 655 N. Shepard St. - Anaheim, CA 92806 - (800) 616-5354 -

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