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At Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we firmly believe the performance features of a furniture system are just as important as the construction quality. Thus, every system we build is professionally designed to incorporate the finest materials and features available. Please take a few minutes to learn about these features as well as some of the unique options that are available.


  • Fine Furniture Expertise
    All custom entertainment centers are constructed by trained furniture craftsmen. By utilizing the finest materials, joinery, and finishing techniques you will enjoy the beauty and quality of true fine furniture.
  • Home Theater Expertise
    Home theater furniture is distinctly different than all other types of cabinetry. A properly designed entertainment center requires an intimate knowledge of the size, wiring, ventilation, access, and organizational needs of home theater electronics. In addition to being fine furniture experts at Diamond Case Designs, Inc. we are also home theater experts. This dual expertise allows us to offer you the finest home theater furniture in the industry.
  • Fully assembled
    Each custom system is fully assembled using hand selected woods for stunning appearance and the finest possible graining patterns. Choose from two select hardwood species, birch or oak. Either wood provides an excellent foundation for our multi-step finish. Durable construction and strength is achieved by fastening and gluing all joints.
  • Over 25 Museum quality finish colors
    To ensure your custom entertainment center blends beautifully with your other furnishings you can choose from over twenty five standard colors or we can even match a sample you send us. Each finish is applied through an extensive multi-step process that produces durable and professional museum quality results. The finish process involves complete sanding, toning, staining, sealing, and lacquering. Click here to see wood and color samples.
  • Elegant styling
    One big advantage of custom furniture is the ability to choose the style that best fits your homes decor. You can choose from many different styles ranging from traditional to mission to contemporary. Please review the portfolio to see some the most popular styles.
  • Face frame construction, inset doors, premium hardware
    Fine construction is only obtained by complete attention to details. In addition to the premium materials and durable finish each custom entertainment center uses face frame construction for maximum strength and inset doors for maximum beauty. All doors and drawers come complete with premium hardware.
  • Choice of door panels
    All door panels can be accented with your choice of wood, glass, or grill cloth. With glass panels choose from clear glass to highlight display items or smoke glass to help conceal electronics. Wood doors are a great choice to conceal general storage items or electronics. With an optional infrared repeater you can even maintain complete control over your components even if they are out of sight behind wood doors (see below for more information). Grill cloth panels are the ideal choice to conceal a speaker or subwoofer and maintain acoustical transparency.
  • Easy set-up
    All custom furniture systems are fully assembled - no construction is necessary. Smaller systems are shipped as single pieces while larger systems will be divided into sections (that are easily bolted together) to ensure a convenient delivery into your home. By utilizing our concealed casters and removable back panels you can load and wire your electronics with ease. Once the electronics have been properly wired simply roll the furniture into place.


  • Large screen TV capacity
    Compatible with all television stylesBecause all custom solutions are made-to-order they can be designed to organize any size television available in either the standard 4:3 format or the wide screen 16:9 format. In addition, all television formats are supported such as direct view tube TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, and DLP TVs. Custom furniture can be sized tightly around your current TV for a completely built-in look or scaled generously to provide plenty of room to expand to larger television sizes.
  • Attractively organize your electronic components
    The typical home theater system features a stack of audio/video components that look like they belong more in an electronics store than a living room. A properly designed custom entertainment center provides the ideal solution to organize these electronics in a fine furniture system that will enhance the beauty of your home. In addition, an efficient design provides appropriate ventilation and wire management even for the largest components.
  • Lighted display space
    Proudly show off your finest decorative items in lighted display sections. Recessed curio lights can be tucked into crown moldings, book cases, display cabinets, or corner units. For additional impact add a dimmer control to adjust the intensity of the illumination.
  • Heavy-duty steel casters
    Heavy-Duty CastersHeavy-duty steel wheels are concealed beneath the base moldings on all free standing custom entertainment systems. These wheels allow easy positioning and convenient access to the rear of the furniture. You will be able to quickly and accurately wire as well as make any changes to your electronic setup. Because the casters are concealed they remain hidden from view.
  • Removable back panels
    To provide easy access to the rear of your electronics all back panels are screwed on. Save time, increase efficiency, and use shorter cables with unobstructed rear access.
  • Air chimney ventilation system
    Air Chimney Ventilation SystemInternal air chimneys inside electronic sections provide air flow to help your electronics breathe. Sufficient internal air space is provided behind the component shelves. This void space facilitates air movement by allowing warm air to rise and exit ventilation cut-outs in the back panel.
  • Internal wire management
    In addition to increased air flow, the air chimney provides excellent cable management. Cables can be routed from shelf to shelf without having to be threaded in and out holes or slots in the back panel. Because cables can be freely managed internally, shorter lengths can be used and there is no unsightly mess behind the system. With this design, you can separate power cords from signal cables to help eliminate power line distortion.
  • Height-adjustable shelves
    Shelves are height-adjustable in approximately 1 1/4" increments to accommodate the varying heights of electronic components.
  • Infinitely-adjustable high-capacity media drawers
    Media Drawer CapacitiesWe offer the most efficient media organization system available. Each drawer is outfitted with a system of adjustable dividers that will accommodate any size of media including minidiscs, cassettes, CDs, DVDs,Video Games, VHS, and oversized VHS tapes (such as Disney videos). All drawers ride on full-extension metal ball-bearing drawer slides allowing smooth and complete access to the entire drawer box (capacities shown in graphic are for a normal size drawer).
  • Compatible with exclusive Diamond Case speakers
    Custom furniture can be designed to work perfectly with our exclusive in furniture speaker system, the DC-1061. This unique speaker is a professional combination of a high performance loudspeaker and a subwoofer all in a single enclosure. This efficient design eliminates the need for an external subwoofer saving valuable living space and simplifying wiring. For more information on the DC-1061 speaker system, click here.
  • Personalized nameplate
    To provide a personal finishing touch and reflect the time and care put into each custom entertainment unit, all systems come with a unique personalized nameplate.
  • Factory-direct sales
    All Diamond Case Designs, Inc. furniture systems are offered for sale factory-direct. By ordering directly from the manufacturer you will enjoy expert advice, quick service, and great value.
  • Fully-insured shipments
    All furniture systems are shipped fully-insured and can be delivered directly to your home or business. Extensive packaging is applied to the furniture prior to shipment for the highest level of protection. Trained delivery professionals can place the furniture inside your home and take away the packaging material. For complete details call a Diamond Case Designs, Inc. specialist or see our sales terms.
  • Award winning designs
    Diamond Case Designs, Inc. has been committed to building the finest home theater furniture since 1991. Our furniture has been featured in national magazines and has earned industry recognition with several different design awards.
    Award Winning Logos
  • Commitment to service - family owned
    Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is a family owned business committed to providing the finest products and service in the industry. This commitment to excellence is best illustrated in the feedback received from other customers. Please click here to read testimonials from previous customers.


  • Protect electronics from surges
    Optional Surge SuppressorSimplify your cable management and provide premium protection for your electronics with our twelve outlet surge suppressor. The surge suppressor can be mounted inside the furniture behind your electronics. Enjoy complete AC, phone, and coax protection. The standard four foot power cord can be extended with the included twelve foot extension cord when extra length is necessary. The power cord terminates with a right angle plug allowing your furniture to be placed as close to the wall as possible. Maximum surge dissipation 3050 Joules. EMI/RFI noise filtering circuitry is built-in. 15 amp circuit breaker. Outlet safety covers for unused outlets. Includes twelve foot extension cord, coax cable, two phone cables, extender plug for AC power blocks, and color coded labels to help organize cables. Manufactured by Stratitec who offers a $250,000 connected equipment warranty (details included with suppressor).
  • Control electronics behind wood doors
    If you prefer a concealed look, electronic components can be organized behind wood doors. To provide remote control access, we install an optional infrared repeater system which provides complete control of your electronics behind the closed wood doors.
  • Turntable pull-out shelf
    A pull-out shelf can be installed inside to accommodate top loading record players. The shelf slides forward on metal ball bearing slides allowing easy access to load records while saving valuable space within the furniture.
  • Dim or brighten curio lights
    Control the intensity of your curio lights by adding a touch dimmer control. Simply touch the decorative dimmer 'button' and dim or brighten lights to the desired level.
  • Speed controlled whisper fans
    For superior ventilation we offer whisper fans. This forced air system is especially useful for components which can generate significant amounts of heat such as amplifiers, receivers, hard disc recorders, or personal video recorders. Whisper fans are mounted in the back panel of the desired electronic section. For maximum flexibility a speed control interface is provided allowing you to adjust the speed of the fans to be ideal for your combination of electronics.


  • Tailored to your room
    Each custom system is made-to-order allowing the dimensions to be tailored to best fit your electronics and wall space. A Diamond Case Designs specialist will help you choose the dimensions best for your home.

NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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