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A Disappearing Act; How to choose the perfect TV Lift Cabinet

Pioneer Elite TV Mounted in a Phoenix TV Lift Cabinet by Diamond CaseDesigns, Inc.
This is an example of a Phoenix motorized TV lift cabinet by Diamond Case Designs, Inc. The television shown is a Pioneer Elite flat panel. To learn more or see additional lift cabinet models please click here.

Who says a good exercise regiment doesn’t work?  Just look at our flat panel TVs.  In just a few years the TVs have become so skinny that many are only about an inch thick.

While a trim waistline may be impressive, televisions are actually bigger than they have ever been.  Tumbling prices have made large screen HDTVs affordable for the average home.  In years past a 32” TV was considered large, today it is modest.  In fact, many home theaters center around TVs in the 46-65” range.

While TV sizes have changed one trend has not; the desire to hide the TV when not in use.  Enter a hot new category of home theater furniture, the TV lift cabinet.

TV lift cabinets: A new way to hide your entertainment

Phoenix TV Lift Cabinet Natural Finish, By Diamond Case Designs, Inc.

This lift cabinet is made in natural oak and is shown with a 55" flat panel TV. It was made by Diamond Case Designs, Inc. For more information or to see additional lift cabinet designs, click here.

Has your spouse ever given you the green light to purchase that new big screen TV if only you can find a way to hide it?

How can you conceal your giant HDTV during the holidays or when company comes over?

Do you desire a beautiful room but want to enjoy an awesome home theater experience too? How can you hide that TV when it is not in use?

A motorized television lift cabinet is an excellent answer to all of these questions. At the touch of a button your big screen television will disappear from sight into a beautiful system of furniture.

The slim nature of flat panel HDTVs makes this style of furniture a perfect choice. A lift cabinet can discretely hide large screen televisions from 32" to 65".




Applications; Where to use TV lift cabinets

This is a foot of bed TV lift cabinet with swivel mechanism

One of the popular applications for TV lift cabinets is at the foot of the bed. This particular lift cabinet is outfitted with a swivel mechanism allowing the TV to be rotated and seen from all sides of the room. All lift cabinets manufactured by Diamond Case Designs, Inc. can be outfitted with the optional swivel and configured to work at the end of the bed. For more information click here.

The convenience and slim nature of TV lift cabinets allow them to be used in just about any room of the home and in a number of different applications.

One popular application is to place the lift cabinet at the foot of the bed as shown in the picture at the right. Many of foot of the bed lifts are outfitted with swivel mechanisms that allows the TV to be rotated and viewed from all areas in the room. This is great in large bedrooms or rooms that have adjacent seating areas, dressing areas, or bathrooms.

Lifts are also are also great on short walls or pony walls where the TV would otherwise dominate the room. Further, lift cabinets are a great choice for rooms with windows or a view (see photo below). When you desire entertainment simply raise the television. When you'd like to enjoy your view press a button and the TV will disappear from sight!

Protect a great view by putting a tv lift cabinet in front of your windows

Here is a perfect application for a lift cabinet by Diamond Case Designs, Inc. in front of a set of windows. When the customer wanted to enjoy the view they simply lowered the television.




Popular lift cabinet applications include:

• Flat walls

• Half walls/pony walls

• Walls with windows or a view

• At the foot of the bed

• Any room where space is a premium

Mission Critical: Arm yourself with proper lift information

Motorized Lift Mechanism For TV Cabinets Made in USA
Diamond Case Designs, Inc. offers a complete selection of TV lift cabinets known as the Phoenix line. All Phoenix lift cabinets utilize a premium lift mechanism that is made in the USA and backed by a five year warranty.
To learn more about Phoenix lift cabinets, click here.

As with most product categories the market for TV lift cabinets is fractured.  Most lifts are generic in nature and offer questionable quality.  On the other hand, there are a few gems available that will look amazing in your home and offer incredible functionality.  Armed with these tips you’ll have the right information to choose a lift perfect for your needs.

Where is the mechanism made?  What is the warranty?

Be wary of lift mechanisms made outside of the United States.   Overseas manufacturing tends to cut corners to lower cost.  Many warranties are as little as one year.  Worse yet, some manufacturers charge hundreds of dollars to extend the warranty.  5 Year Warranty Logo For TV Lift CabinetsThe value of any overseas warranty should be questioned due to distance, logistics, and language barriers.

The best TV lift mechanisms are manufactured in the United States and backed by long-term warranties.  Look for a five-year standard warranty and a company who is easy to contact.

Where is the furniture made?  Will it fit my TV?  Can I choose my color?

To shave cost, the vast majority of lift cabinets are manufactured in bulk in overseas plants.  As with the mechanisms, corners are commonly cut in a constant effort to be cheap.  With generic bulk manufacturing you will be limited to pre-determined colors and dimensions.  Often furniture looks out of place and does not properly fit the TV or room. These options are very limiting and should be avoided.

Made in USA TV Lift Cabinet Available in Any Color

This is a great example of a TV lift cabinet that is made in the USA by Diamond Case Designs, Inc. The furniture can be finished in ANY color and accommodate flat panel TVs from 32" to 65". It is in their Phoenix line of furniture. For more information click here.

TV lift cabinets are a personal and durable purchase.  A great system of furniture will last years and years and have a major impact on your room.  In fact, the right lift cabinet will not only organize your home entertainment it will seamlessly integrate into your home décor and enhance the beauty of your room.

Look for furniture that is proudly manufactured in the United States. The best American companies not only take pride in their work they will be able to tailor your TV lift cabinet to your specific needs.  Each and every furniture system should be customized to fit your HDTV (and accommodate for any expansion plans you may have).

To ensure your lift system looks stunning your room, make sure you choose a company that allows you to choose the color of your furniture.  Great lift systems come in several different standard colors or can even be custom finished to match your furnishings!


For More Information - Pricing - How To Purchase - Call 800-616-5354

This TV lift cabinet was designed to be used at the foot of the bed and included decorative carved details

Perfect for use at the foot of the bed or on a flat wall this Phoenix lift cabinet used beautifully fluted columns and decorative carved details.

For over 20 years Diamond Case Designs has specialized in the production of high quality, yet affordable home theater furniture and entertainment centers (click here to read about their accomplishments). They are experts in TV lift cabinets. In fact, they have an entire line of lift furniture known as the Phoenix series. For pricing and additional information please take advantage of the following free resources:

Click here to download a free TV lift buyers guide, it includes a special offer.

Click here to see the Phoenix series of TV lift cabinets

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Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is a family owned business in operation since 1991.  Fred, Dave, and Steve Hartfelder run the business and are happy to help you select the perfect furniture for your needs. Give them a call at 800-616-5354. 


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