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LED lights improve the home theater viewing experience and enhance the beauty of your room
by Steve Hartfelder

Light Bulb, A Symbol Of A Good IdeaRemote Controlled Color Changing Red LED Lights, Three Sided Of HDTVOur society recognizes a simple picture of a light bulb as a symbol of a great idea. The light bulb has dramatically changed the way we work, live, and perceive our environment. I'd like to introduce you to the next great lighting idea that will change the way you view television, illuminate your display pieces, and highlight your bookcases; energy-efficient LED lights.

Our unique LED lighting system is designed to be mounted behind your flat panel TV to provide soft illumination on your walls, or within your entertainment center to highlight and illuminate your electronics, books, or display items. Two major reasons for installing a lighting system are to enhance your viewing experience (especially at night) by reducing eye fatigue, and to provide an interactive, unique style to your room.

Popular Uses For LED Lights

Popular Uses For Remote Controlled Color Changing LED Lights


1 Minute - Video Of LED Lights In Use

Details of our LED Lights

LED Light Bars are great to use behind a TV or in an entertainment center to highlight the electronics or flat panelWe use professional grade color changing LED lights that come in standard lengths of fifteen or twenty-four inches. Each length features red, green, and blue LEDs that can be mixed, matched, and adjusted to form just about any color you can think of. Up to ten different lengths of lights can be used together allowing you to highlight the perimeter of any size TV, or illuminate any size entertainment center.

The LED lights are cool running and are extremely energy efficient. In fact, the fifteen inch light bar is rated at approximately 2 1/2 watts while the twenty-four inch is only 4 watts. This will allow you to illuminate all four sides of the largest flat panel TVs for under 30 watts!

The LED lights are so easy to install they do not require the assistance of a professional. You can do it yourself. The included remote control allows you to turn the lights on and off, change the colors, or start a light show from the comfort of your couch.

I agree the lights look great, is there any functional benefit?

Definitely. In addition to aesthetic benefit and 'cool factor' of the LED lights, they provide a functional benefit as well; reducing eye fatigue. When you watch a television in a dark room it can create a 'harsh' environment for your eyes as the room is very dark but the TV is extremely bright. To some extent it is like looking into a really big flashlight in a dark room. For many viewers this high contrast in light intensity creates eye fatigue and makes it difficult to watch TV through an entire program or movie. The LED lights act as a bias light and provide a transition between the brightness of the TV and the darkness of the room which can make viewing more pleasurable.

How do you turn the lights on and off?

Our lighting system is fully controllable via remote. The included remote control allows you to turn the lights on, off, change colors, change intensity, or even start a "light show" as demonstrated in the video above. The remote control is a standard infrared style of remote that can be taught into third party universal learning remote controls.

How do I change the color of the lights?

The lighting system comes standard with seven different preset colors, much like the presets you would find on a car radio. You can change between these preset colors with discrete buttons on the remote control. The seven preset colors are red, blue, green, pink, aqua, yellow, and white as shown in the attached photographs. The preset colors can be changed if desired.

Seven Preset Light Colors:
Red LED HDTV Lights Blue LED HDTV Lights Green LED HDTV Bias Lights Pink HDTV LED Lights Aqua LED HDTV Back Lights Yellow HDTV LED Lights White LED HDTV Lights

What is a light show?

You enjoy a light show when you set the system to automatically cycle through different colors. Two show modes are provided; one 'fades' from color to color while the other 'transitions' from color to color.* You can set the speed of how quickly the color change happens; slow, medium, or fast. The light show is a really neat way to add uniqueness and style to your next party or gathering. I set the lights to slowly fade from color to color and it really sets a cool mood for the room and becomes a very unique conversation piece. You will absolutely enjoy some "oohs and aahs."

*With the fade light show a color will fade off towards black then fade on in the new color, providing a "breathing" style effect. With the transition style light show the colors change from shade to shade without fading towards black.

How do you install the lights?

The LED lights can easily be installed by the do-it-yourselfer. Simply place the lights in the desired location (behind your TV, inside your furniture, in a bookcase), and secure them with the included mounting clips. Plug the lights into the controller and the controller into an AC outlet. The final step is to place the remote control sensor in a visible spot and you are set to go. It's that easy.

How To Purchase LED Lights

Remote Controlled LED Lights enhance home theater LED Micro lights enhance entertainment center and mount behind flat panel TV LED bias lights change colors and operate via remote control Illuminate your large screen flat panel TV with our remote controlled LED lights
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