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Innovation is one of of the key components in the design of each Diamond Case furniture system. In addition to the host of standard features we offer we have developed a set of exclusive optional features allowing you to tailor the performance of your furniture to be perfect for your needs.

Forced Air Ventilation System

As the home theater experience continues to become more realistic and enveloping the demand on the electronics to drive that experience increases. In many cases, these modern components generate a considerable amount of heat. While our standard furniture systems do feature internal air channels and cut-outs in the back panel often additional ventilation is desired. In these cases we offer a high-performance, noise controlled forced air ventilation system. Our exclusive system is comprised of three basic elements; perforated steel shelves, whisper fans, and a speed control mechanism to operate the fans.

Evolution Series Color Samples

Remote Controlled Micro Lighting

For best television performance it is advisable to have light control in your home theater room. In most cases, a dark room will enhance the performance of the television and reduce glare on the TV screen. While a dark room does hold considerable value it can make locating the right movie or making settings on your electronics difficult. In addition, some viewers feel a soft light along the front of the room provides a transition between a very bright TV and a very dark background. This soft light is often referred to as bias light and many feel it reduces eye strain and enhances the viewing experience. For both of these reasons we have developed a completely cool and unique remote controlled micro lighting system. Using the supplied remote control (which can be programmed into a universal learning remote) or keypad you can turn on/off (micro lights are not dimmable) a system of green or blue micro lights within the furniture. In addition to the "cool factor" the lights will make it easier to find media within drawers, adjust settings on electronics, and provide the soft bias light mentioned above.

Blue micro lights

Green micro lights
Premium Surge Suppression

Surges, spikes, lightning, and power fluctuations can diminish and even ruin the home theater experience. Harmful electrical current or interference can travel through the electrical lines and infiltrate your components or cabling. At a minimum these disturbances could negatively affect signal performance at a maximum they could physically damage electronics. It is strongly advised to have a good surge and noise suppression system installed in every home theater system to protect your electronics. At Diamond Cases Designs, Inc. we offer a couple of different models to suit your needs depending on the furniture model chosen and electronics you are using. We also suggest the surge suppressor is placed inside the furniture so power cords can be managed, organized, and hidden from sight. Please ask your Diamond Case Designs, Inc. specialist which surge suppressor is best for your application.

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