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Use of the web site and all sales are subject to the following terms:

Leveling, Door Alignment, Color Variation, Furniture Safety, Dimensions:
Every cabinet is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment. However, due to handling during transit, cabinet(s) will need to be properly leveled and adjusted for correct door alignment and operation. • Digitized color samples are meant to approximate the designated colors. Due to the color limitations of the web and the differences in wood, variation is unavoidable. Physical wood samples, for most furniture systems, are available on request for the most accurate color representation. • No person, child, or pet should climb on, step on, or in any way try to scale the furniture. Earthquake straps are encouraged in areas susceptible to land movement and in homes with children or pets. When rolling furniture away from the wall, always slowly push or pull the furniture from a low center of gravity near the floor.  It is best to “walk” the furniture away from the wall, alternating one side at a time.  Diamond Case Designs, Inc. (hereafter referred to as DCD) has no responsibility for any injury, minor or serious, incurred from earth movement, rolling of the furniture, climbing, scaling, stepping, or otherwise roughhousing near the furniture.  • Dimensions listed on-line are approximate and could vary slightly.  The molding or style details of the furniture can affect the overall dimensions of the furniture.  If you have any questions on dimensions please inquire, we will be happy to assist.

Shipping Instructions:
All furniture is extensively prepared, packed, and protected for shipment. Careful attention is given to wrapping the furniture with foam, corrugated cardboard, rigid corners and stretch wrap. In fact, none of the actual finish is exposed to typical shipping hazards.

DCD will notify you when your furniture is ready to ship and will provide estimated delivery date(s) along with a phone number and a tracking number for your shipment. Actual delivery dates will be confirmed later by the freight company and/or by tracing the shipment.  Someone must be available to receive and sign for the shipment. This individual is responsible for unpacking the furniture and making sure it arrived in good condition. The furniture is fully insured during transit. In the unlikely event there is any damage in transit, you must make notations on the delivery receipt of any marks, dents, or scratches to the product and/or the packaging, and DCD must be notified of the documented aberrations within 48 hours in order to qualify for repair or reimbursement. If a shipment is refused for any reason without authorization from DCD or a scheduled delivery is missed, you will be subject to a re-delivery charge.

The freight company will use standard delivery equipment and techniques that are reasonable and necessary to properly deliver your furniture, including upright and four-wheel dollies. Neither DCD or the freight companies we contract with are responsible for damage (scratches, indentations, etc.) incurred to sensitive flooring (wood, marble, tile, etc.), that may not be able to withstand the weight of the furniture on it’s own casters or that of a delivery dolly rolling across its surface. Further, furniture and dolly wheels are dirty since they are routinely used in warehouses and on the floor of the truck. If your floor is prone to spotting or staining make sure it is adequately covered to allow the furniture to be rolled into place. Neither DCD or the freight company are responsible for any staining that can occur from the normal delivery process. If you have sensitive or light colored flooring, feel free to ask the carrier to lay down a path of their shipping blankets to give you extra protection against marring.

Freight Carrier / Common Carrier Deliveries:
A standard freight carrier (also known as a common carrier) delivery is most often made with a full-size, 18 wheel truck and one man. The individual receiving the furniture must be able to physically assist the driver in removing the freight from the truck. The freight can then be dollied inside your garage or front door (this type of delivery is often referred to as a curb-side delivery). If no one is able to assist the driver or your residence is not accessible to a full-size truck, the shipping company offers a variety of additional services, at an additional cost, such as a lift gate delivery, bobtail truck delivery, specific appointment deliveries, inside delivery, or 2-man delivery. Please let us know in advance if you think you will require any of these additional services.  If these items are not requested ahead of time, but the services are rendered, you may be billed for their additional charges.

Full Service Van Line / White Glove Delivery:
Our full service van line (also known as white glove) deliveries are made by full-size (18-wheel) trucks equipped with air-ride suspension and a lift gate. Service includes blanket-wrapped protection in addition to our standard packaging, and two men who will place the furniture inside the first floor of your home. If special circumstances exist such as specific delivery appointments, second floor delivery, basement delivery, narrow driveways, elevators, stairs or inaccessibility by a full-size truck, additional services and/or labor may be necessary at an additional cost. Please let us know in advance of any unique situations so that we can order the necessary service and be prepared for an efficient delivery.  If these items are not requested ahead of time but the services are rendered you may be billed for their additional charges.

Payment Terms:
All special order, non-standard, or custom products require a 50% deposit.  This 50% deposit becomes non-refundable one week after order placement.  Deposits for other items fall under the cancellation/return policies listed below.

All orders must be paid in full before they will be released for shipment. If paying by check please allow one business week after the check arrives before the order is released.

Normal forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, American Express (through PayPal), and Check.  Occasionally, financing promotions are available.  Please inquire.

On-line/Internet Orders:
To protect your identity and ensure the validity of your on-line purchase we may call you to confirm the details of your order.  If we are unable to reach you we may delay shipping your order until you return our call.

Cancellations/Returns Standard Furniture:
There is no fee for unshipped orders canceled within one business day following its placement. Any order canceled after the business day following its placement and before product has shipped or delivered is subject to a 10% processing fee or $250, whichever is less. After an order has shipped, a customer may at their sole discretion return any standard (non custom or modified) furniture product, to DCD within 30 days of their signed delivery receipt.

After the merchandise is received back at DCD’s warehouse (655 N. Shepard St., Anaheim, CA 92806), the customer is entitled to a full refund less all freight or delivery charges. The customer must notify DCD prior to returning the merchandise to secure a return authorization number. After the R.A. number is issued, DCD will schedule the return shipment with an insured, authorized freight carrier. Only merchandise in new condition with a valid R.A. number will be accepted at the warehouse. The cost to repair any damage, modification or alteration that has been made to the furniture while in the customer’s possession will be deducted from the refund. It is the customer’s responsibility to re-pack the furniture to the same condition in which it was delivered. The same packing materials used in the delivery are best for this purpose. If the original packing materials have been discarded, it is the customer’s responsibility to source and apply their own materials of similar quality.

Orders that have been will called (not shipped or delivered) and are returned by customer (not shipped or delivered) are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Cancellations/Returns Custom Furniture, Modified Furniture, Electronics, or Computer Drawing Fees:
Custom furniture designs, modified standard furniture designs, and computer drawing fees are non-returnable and non-refundable.  Electronics are covered by normal manufacturers warranties and are not returnable to DCD.  For most electronic items extended service plans are available, if interested please inquire.

Local Home Theater Installations:
In our local marketplace DCD offers full service electronic installations.  We have the ability to deliver and install furniture and electronics.  Please inquire about our current installation rates and service areas.

Better Business Bureau:
As members of the Better Business Bureau, it is our goal to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In the event there is a complaint or dispute that cannot be resolved with a reasonable compromise or mediation, we have pledged to seek a fair, impartial adjudication through the Better Business Bureau’s Business Arbitration program. Specifically, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract or the breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Uniform Rules for Better Business Bureau Arbitration,  and the judgment upon the award rendered by the Arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

Web Site / Literature Information:
The information, specifications, and details found on the web site or in literature are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions please call a Diamond Case Designs Specialist.

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