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L. (3) M-60s and (2) M-210s in Black -
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(3) M60s and (2) M210s Quick Facts

Black Entertainment Center - (3) M60s and (2) M210s Closed View


Media Drawer Close-up Audio Cabinet Removable Back Panel
Removable Moldings

Media Storage

Back Panels

Removable Moldings

  • Ready-To-Assemble
    The Munari line is convenient to ship and easy to assemble with fully illustrated instructions.
  • Durable Materials
    The Munari line is produced from thermofused melamine providing excellent durability and scratch resistance. Evidence of the strength of the furniture can be found in the substantial weight of the M-60 (approx. 65 lbs.), M-65 (approx. 105 lbs.), and the M-210 (approx. 130 lbs). For elegant styling each cabinet is accented with solid hardwood crown and base moldings.
  • Removable Moldings
    The solid hardwood molding details used in the Munari system are removable from the sides of the furniture to create flat surfaces (see photo above). This flexibility allows you to position the furniture flush against other Munari cabinets (to form larger systems), televisions, or walls.
  • Color Options
    All Munari models are available in black with high-gloss black lacquer trim or cherry with semi-gloss cherry trim.
    Click here to see color options.
  • Two-Tone Colors Available (on select models)
    By taking advantage of our removable molding system, it is possible to order the Capri, Torino, or Palatino in a stunning two-tone finish. For instance choose a black cabinet body with semi-gloss cherry crown and base moldings (or vice-versa). Two-tone cabinets are limited call for more information.
  • Concealed Wheels
    Six heavy-duty wheels are concealed from view beneath each Munari system. The wheels allow easy positioning and convenient access to the back of the furniture. There, you will be able to quickly and easily install or make changes to your electronic setup.
  • Large screen TV capacity

    The Munari furniture series is specifically designed to accommodate all display technologies including 16:9 widescreen HDTVs, regular direct view tube TVs, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, and DLP TVs.
  • "Future-Proof" design
    Because Munari is designed for current televisions as well as emerging screen technologies it is a excellent long term solution. Rest assured your furniture will work now and well into the future.
  • Expandable / Modular Design
    All Munari cabinets are modular in design allowing you to expand or change your furniture as your needs change. This flexibility ensures your Munari furniture willefficiently accommodate your current system as well as adapt to accommodate future electronics. When using multiple cabinets together connecting bolts are included to ensure clean, tight seams between units.
  • Tempered Smoke Glass
    A tempered gray smoke glass door is used on the Capri, Torino, and Palatino to darken the interior of the furniture and help conceal cords and cables. Infra red remote control signals pass right through the glass for complete operational control. On the Capri M-60 and Palatino M-210 the door is reversible (can be hinged on either the left or right) to ensure it will open from the proper direction regardless of where the furniture is positioned.
  • Interchangeable Door System (Torino M-65)
    The Torino M-65 is shipped with TWO door options a pair of tempered smoke glass doors (for electronics) and a grill cloth panel (for a speaker or subwoofer).
  • Interchangeable Door System (Capri M-60)
    An optional door kit is available for the Capri M-60 allowing you to replace the standard smoke glass door with a grill cloth panel (to accommodate a speaker or subwoofer).
  • Interchangeable Door System (Palatino M-210)
    An optional door kit is available for the Palatino M-210 allowing you to remove the two standard media drawers and replace them with either a smoke glass door (to accommodate additional electronics) or a grill cloth panel (to accommodate a speaker or subwoofer).
  • Compatible with exclusive Diamond Case speakers (Capri M-60 and Torino M-65)
    The Capri M-60 and Torino M-65 are designed to work perfectly with our exclusive in furniture speaker system, the DC-1061. The DC-1061 can be used in the center of your Munari furniture system and will act as the center channel speaker AND subwoofer. This efficient design eliminates the need for an external subwoofer saving valuable living space and simplifying wiring. For more information on the DC-1061 speaker system, click here.
  • Personalized nameplate
    To provide a personal finishing touch and reflect the time and care put into each Munari model, all systems come with a unique personalized nameplate.
  • Factory-direct sales
    All Diamond Case Designs, Inc. furniture systems are offered for sale factory-direct. By ordering directly from the manufacturer you will enjoy expert advice, quick service, and great value.
  • Fully-insured shipments
    All furniture systems are shipped fully-insured and can be delivered directly to your home or business. Extensive packaging is applied to the furniture prior to shipment for the highest level of protection. For complete details call a Diamond Case Designs, Inc. specialist or see our sales terms.
  • Award winning designs
    Diamond Case Designs, Inc. has been committed to building the finest home theater furniture since 1991. Our furniture has been featured in national magazines and has earned industry recognition with several different design awards.Award Winning Logos
  • Commitment to service - family owned
    Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is a family owned business committed to providing the finest products and service in the industry. This commitment to excellence is best illustrated in the feedback received from other customers. Please click here to read testimonials from previous customers.

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  • Removable back panels
    To provide easy access to the rear of your electronics, Munari back panels are removable. Simply slide the back panel in and out of grooves on the inside edge of the cabinet (see photo above). You will enjoy quick, full access to accurately wire your electronics.
  • Ventilation Slots
    Ventilation slots are positioned at the top of the removable back panels to allow warm air to escape the furniture.
  • Wire Access Notches
    Cut into the bottom of each back panel, Munari wire access notches provide an easy way for cables to enter and exit the cabinet without having to be threaded through any holes.
  • Air Chimney Ventilation System
    An internal air chimney inside each Munari system provides air flow to help your electronics ventilate. Sufficient internal air space is provided behind the component shelves. This void space facilitates air movement by allowing warm air to rise and exit the ventilation slots in the back panel.
  • Internal wire management
    In addition to increased air flow, the air chimney enhances cable management. Cables can be routed from shelf to shelf without having to be threaded in and out holes or slots in the back panel. Because cables can be freely managed internally, shorter lengths can be used and there is less mess behind the system. With this design, you can separate power cords from signal cables to help eliminate power line distortion.
  • Adjustable Component Shelves
    Shelves are height-adjustable allowing you to accommodate the varying heights of your electronic components. They adjust in approximately 1 1/4" increments. Further, notches on the bottom of the shelves allow them to rest positively on the shelf pegs to prevent sliding.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Media Storage Drawers
    Munari employs the most efficient media organization system available. Each drawer is outfitted with a system of adjustable dividers that will accommodate media of all sizes including minidiscs, cassettes, CDs, DVDs,Video Games, VHS, and oversized VHS tapes (such as Disney videos). Media drawers are height-adjustable and interchangeable with adjustable shelves.
  • Expandable (or removable) Media Storage
    To provide maximum flexibility, Munari drawers are adjustable in height anywhere in the system. You'll be able to change, move, and add drawers as your media collection grows. Alternatively, drawers can be removed if you prefer additional component storage.

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