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How to control electronics hidden behind closed wood doors with your existing remotes
By, Steve Hartfelder, Owner, Diamond Case Designs, Inc.

In today’s world of advanced electronics even a modest home theater system is comprised of several electronic components. While these components tirelessly provide us with the audio and video experience we seek, cosmetically they can be an eye sore.

To fit with the styling of yout home décor it is very common to want to hide these electronics from sight, most commonly behind wood doors.  While this certainly solves the issue of blinking lights, black face plates, and undesirable cosmetics it does present its own problem in terms of remote control operation, until now – let me explain.

A basic remote control operates on the principle of line of sight, meaning if your remote control can “see” the component it will work properly.  Once electronics are hidden behind wood doors, that line of sight is interrupted and the remote controls no longer work – unless we add a simple, yet clever device, the infrared repeater.

The job of the infrared repeater is straight forward: repeat your remote commands to the hidden electronics so they work properly. You enjoy the concealed look of hidden electronics with full remote control functionality.

How does an infrared repeater work?

First, a sensor called a receiving eye is placed in a visible location.  This sensor will “suck up” or receive remote control signals.  There are two types of sensors available the standard “table top” style eye or a smaller discrete “tear drop” style eye.Infrared Receivers - IR Repeater

IR Emmitter on Blu-Ray DVD PlayerSecond, a very small device called an infrared emitter is physically placed on the front panel of each of your electronic components (see photo to right).  These emitters stick in place (with included adhesive) and rest directly on top of the receiving eyes of your electronics (see note below for proper placement of the emitters).

Finally, everything is plugged in.  There is a small device hidden inside the furniture called a connecting block where the receiving eye, infrared emitters, and power supply are plugged. 

That’s it. You can now control your electronics, hidden from sight, behind the closed wood doors.  Simply point your existing remote controls at the receiving eye and the signals will be repeated to the concealed electronics.  No new remote controls and no new programming is necessary.  It is that simple.

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. sells infrared repeater systems factory direct. You can order by calling them toll-free at 800-616-5354. The standard repeater system will control up to four components out of the box and can be expanded to control up to eight. If you are using a flat panel plasma or LCD TV it is recommend you choose the tear drop style receiving eye for peak performance.

If you have any further questions or would like to place an order simply call us toll-free at 800-616-5354.

Additional Infrared Repeater Applications:

In addition to being the ideal solution for controlling electronics behind wood doors, the infrared repeater is also the perfect choice for other scenarios:

  • Bedroom – In the bedroom application, the electronic components stored below the TV are often out-of-sight when laying in bed.  The infrared repeater is the perfect solution to make these components easy to control without having to sit up or contort your body in strange ways to make the remotes work.
  • Obstructed View Of Electronics – In some situations your electronics are clearly visible behind glass doors (or no doors at all) but obstructions in the room prevent your remotes from properly seeing them.  These obstructions may include coffee tables, other furniture, pets, or simply seating areas that are off access to the electronics.  The repeater is the ideal way to work around these obstructions and ensure remotes work properly.
  • Electronics In Other Rooms – Some set-ups, particularly with wall mounted flat panel TVs, feature electronics stored in a component closet or even another room.  Again, a properly insalled infrared repeater can control these electronics even in their hidden location.

Where Do I Stick the Infrared Emitters?

The infrared emitters should be placed directly on top of the receiving eye on each respective component. Some components will actually label their sensors while others will be obvious to the naked eye. If this is not the case, a simple trick to find the eye is simply shining a flash light on the front panel of the component in question. Behind the front display panel should be a small round or square sensor. Of course the fail-safe trial and error method is always a back up plan.

Find IR Sensor Using A FlashlightSome IR Sensors Are Labeled

Do These Systems Work Reliably?

Absolutely. When properly installed as mentioned above our infrared repeater system is a very accurate and reliable way to operate hidden electronics. Really the only two questions we need to answer when you place your order is how many components you need to control and what type of TV you are using. By knowing how many components you would like to control we can ensure you will receive the proper number of infrared emitters. By knowing what type of TV you have we can ensure you choose the proper receiving eye (tear drop eye is optimized for use with flat panel TVs).

Does Diamond Case Designs Sell Infrared Repeaters?

Yes. Our infrared repeater systems are normally in stock and ready for prompt shipment. Please call us toll-free at 800-616-5354 with any questions or to place an order.

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