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How to Expand the Hard Drive Capacity of Your Direct TV Satellite Receiver or Cable Box


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Direct TV Recording Screen Messages

Keep Symbol
1. The K symbol means this program has been marked as "Keep" and is protected from automatic deletion.
Exclamation Point Symbol
2. The exclamation point symbol means your hard drive is close to capacity and older programs will automatically be deleted if you continue to record. Programs with this symbol are in danger of automatic deletion.
Status Bar Symbol 3. The bar at the bottom of the screen shows the capacities of your hard drive. The dark blue portion shows the percent of the hard drive taken up by protect programs (programs marked as 'keep'). The light blue portion shows the percent of the hard drive taken up by normal, non-protected recordings. The black portion of the bar shows how much hard drive space is left available for additional recordings.
Keep Buttom 4. The Keep function protects a program from being deleted automatically. You can protect the program by pressing the blue button on your Direct TV remote.

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