Custom Built-In Television Cabinet For Large Flat Screen Television

NEW - Lift Video Part 1
Focus: Lift Mechanism

Learn about the best motorized lift mechanism in the industry backed by a full five year warranty.
Video length = 3:48

NEW - Lift Video Part 2
Focus: Furniture

Explore the exclusive benefits of our made in the USA furniture designs.
Video length = 3:52

"Foot of Bed" TV Lift
With Swivel Video

This TV lift is ideal for use at the foot of the bed and is even outfitted with a swivel so the TV can be rotated and viewed from different areas in the room.

Video length = 2:37

TV Lift With Swivel and
Component Shelf

This Phoenix TV lift would be perfect for use at the foot of a bed or as a room divider. The lift can be rotated a full 180 degrees and has a component shelf to hold electronics.

Video length = A few seconds